Wednesday 3rd of November 2021 | Posted In: Renewable energy

Announcing our new service – Renewable Energy Solutions

With COP26 underway the focus on climate change and sustainability has never been greater.

In parallel to this energy prices are continuing to rise, the cost of renewable energy technologies continues to fall and farmers and business owners are under ever-increasing pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

You may be unsure which technology is best for you, or perhaps you don’t know which installers to trust or importantly, you can’t secure finance. That’s why NFU Energy has launched Renewable Energy Solutions: to make it easy to install high quality renewable energy solutions right now.

About Renewable Energy Solutions

NFU Energy’s Renewable Energy Solutions gives you ‘one-stop-shop’ access to leading installers, finance and insurance. We support you at every stage of your journey and can help with all renewable energy technologies. Here’s how it works:

  1. We identify the best renewable energy solution for you. Our technical experts will identify the most appropriate renewable energy solution for your individual circumstances.
  2. We introduce you to one of our accredited installers. They will conduct a detailed assessment and prepare a full proposal, at no cost to you. We review every proposal to ensure it meets our standards and addresses your needs.
  3. We help you secure finance and insurance. We provide easy access to our handpicked lender panel and our exclusive partner, NFU Mutual.
  4. We provide ongoing support. NFU Energy experts will be on hand throughout the process to answer your questions and ensure everything happens smoothly.

The service covers all renewable energy technologies, from roof-mounted solar to ground source heat pumps, and from electric vehicle charge points to battery storage.

Key benefits

  • Knowledge: Our service combines NFU Energy’s deep technical and agricultural expertise with our partners’ industry-leading financial and insurance expertise.
  • Trust: Our technical advice is always tailored to your individual circumstances. And our partners have all gone through a rigorous selection process and operate to industry-leading standards.
  • Convenience: We deliver a full end-to-end solution so that you only need to speak to us. We can also tailor our standard service to meet your specific needs.
  • Value: We regularly benchmark our installers’ prices to check they are competitive and review every proposal to ensure you only pay for what you need.


This is a no obligation service that is free to NFU members. NFU Energy earns commission on successfully installed projects, but this is paid by our installer and finance partners.


Find out more

If you are interested in finding out more about how NFU Energy can help you install renewable energy systems on your farmland, business site or at home, please contact us on [email protected] or 024 7669 6512.